ACES ETM: How to Access Aces Employee portal Login (2024)

L brands cover many flagship stores in the market and they have some of the most popular fashion stores under one umbrella. That’s why it’s important for the company and their employee to find a one central employee portal where they can communicate. Here is how Aces Employee.

Visit the official website of Aces ETM Login

On the login page, user need to provide their credential
First, they need to enter their username which they created during the registration
After that, provide the password
Once they write down both usernames and passwords, click Go button which also terms and agreement acceptance box.
Once they click on the go, they will be redirected to their Aces Employee Login dashboard.

Aces ETM Login Password Reset
Employees of L brand can easily access their information on Aces Employee Login. Most of the username is employee ID which is 6 to 7 digits and the password is also associated with the employee ID of L brands. But if the user forgets their password on Aces ETM, here is how to reset it.

Make sure you have your employee ID at hand
There is no option on Aces ETM Login for password reset and that’s why it needs to be done manually.
Users who forget their password need to call 1-877-415-7911
Its Stores Technology Services (STS) dedicated hotline for its employees.
Once they call this number, follow the instruction.
Provide necessary information such as employee id, birthdate and such
Once they confirm the identity, they will send an email with a password reset link.
Click on that link and change their password.
We recommend making a strong and unique password and never share it with anyone.
Aces ETM Login Registration
If any new employee wants to access their information on Aces Employee portal, they need to register first. Here is how to register at Aces Employee Login.

Every employee registration is done by the Aces HR
They will provide a temporary password with employee id as username
Once they login to Aces ETM, they need to create a new profile
They need to provide information such asName
Email address
Phone number
They also need to provide the last 6 digits of their SSN or SIN for tax purposes
Once they create a profile, they need to answer some security questions first.
After that, they can create a new password, log out, and then login again at Aces ETM with their new password.
Aces ETM Login Benefits
Employees of L brands have many benefits using the Aces ETM Employee Login portal. Here is the list.

Employees of L brand can check their taxation detail directly at Aces ETM.
The HR department can create report of every employee on that portal.
Employees can find their pay stub information directly at Aces ETM Login.
Every employee can check their benefits such as health insurance and discount.
They can also check their 401K profile on the Aces ETM portal.
Employees can find other jobs at different L brand stores or apply for other posts.
L brand Employee can check their schedules.
They can also apply for a day off and get approved without visiting anyone.
Aces ETM Support
If any employee of L brands needs some information or support regarding Aces ETM, they can contact them in different ways. Here is a list.

Aces ETM login Tech Support
If any employee of L brands facing any issue regarding Login at Aces ETM or other technical difficulties, then they can call at 1-877-415-7911. It’s a Stores Technology Services (STS) dedicated hotline.

For anyone

Call at 614-415-7000 or visit the L brand headquarter at

L Brands, Inc. World Headquarters

Three Limited Parkway

Columbus, OH 43230

Accessibility Assistance
If anyone with a special need or accessibility needs to contact Aces ETM, they can call 855-556-2675 or email at This is a dedicated line for anyone with a disability who is seeking employment at L brands.

Associate Crisis/Severe Weather Information Hotline
For L brands employees, they have created a hotline for extreme weather conditions the company will call its employees from 800-945-1001 (Kettering associates dial 866-350-7669). Employees can also call back on that number to know about the condition and other information regarding the schedule. They can also get weather updates and other information at Aces ETM login.

Ethics Hotline
Aces ETM knows the value of every employee and most of them are female. If any employees have a sensitive complaint which they could not share with their manager, vice president, or human resources director within their brand or function, they can directly call at 888-884-7218. They can also visit

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Aces ETM go beyond the employee and management relationship and offer their help with other issues as well. If any employee suffered from domestic violence or know other employees who are facing this, they can directly contact at 1.800.799.SAFE (7233). It’s a confidential resource, just for their employees. They can also visit for more information.

Media Inquiries
For outside interest, any media outlet can call at



Or they can email at

We hope that this article will help every L brand Employees to know more about theACES ETMLogin. If they have any questions regarding Aces ETM associates, Aces Login, or L Brands HR Access, they can ask us in the comment section.

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ACES ETM: How to Access Aces Employee portal Login (2024)


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